Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Did I fall from the rope? Did I loose my balance or just decide to fly? Or rather, take a free fall.

If I did - I fell in my head on a spin, light as a feather and landed safely on an embracing net.

Or maybe I'm still dancing in the sky - together with my love - with my love in my arms. I'm happy, amazed, bedazzled - and truly happy. There's still a lot of balancing, big movements, but it is all so easy. I am after all - light as a feather. I am so light that I can hold my love up in the air as well.

It feels like the world is swirling and altering around me, tossing me and my love about gently. While I am - we are - still and calm; affected and moved - elastic - yet sound, firm, certain - true.
This is my Truth and I am lit. Veritas lux mea.

Together we make up something more than just two people, something alltogether new - new and exciting, but in a calm sort of way, something that comes very natural and effortless, like breathing.

I think people call this falling in love.