Sunday, 5 August 2012

Lost with company

I went all the way trough the funnel-like spiral - no wonder it felt in the stomach. The speed was crazy and the turns steep, almost spinning around my own head (well isn't life always about that). In the end I span out of that spiral with speed and traded the fast turns into floating in the air with only a slow feather-like twirling dance. I was undefined, had lost my focus, but was not worried. And fell on to a whole new ground.

I was thrown out of that cycle only to start a new one. Now the turns are slow and long - even tedious - I feel I'm missing progress. I've had to put some personal aspirations on hold. Also I got lost. I did finally fall from the rope, and the net didn't catch me, no one did - and that hurt. Every man is indeed an island. But I'm surviving. Some day I will climb high enough to get on that rope again. I've lost grip of a lot of things I already had understood, getting forward is slow, but I am not the same person that I was before falling (oh, what a wonderful fall it was). And I know I'll pick up some speed again as I'm getting back on my feet - slowly and if not steady at least with stubbornness - onwards to a new spiral!

I went through the end of the funnel with my love and started this new journey with a new companion. Indeed we made something altogether new together. I see so many circles closing, starting and repeating. On this cycle she is the center of my world and she is my sun. I'm lost with company. And I'm a changed person. And for now helping her to start her own journey is the focal point of my journey. My companion's step is light, curiosity high and laughter luminous - I will follow her. I'm her guide and she is my teacher - together we'll find our way - and our own paths. The road is ruff but there is no dark, my feet hurt but the sun is warm on my smiling face - amoris lux mundus, love makes the world a bright place.

P.s. I'd like to end this post with a quote by Hugh Sidey - Carry laughter with you wherever you go. I hope she will; laughter makes the luggage light.