Thursday, 5 November 2009

Hiber Nation & Islands

It's that time again. Time for winter hibernation. Not to expect any mental motion forward upon this season. Although some think winter is a good time for some introspective thinking and closing in with oneself sort of business. I just go to a physical and mental jam. When I awake of it a few months later I can remember hardly anything of the time passed and the rest is a porriage of hazy recollections.

I'm still entertaining the thought of whole of Finland going to "sleep" for every winter. Just shut everything down, and/or get foreign workforce for the most essential stuff. This would be right.
Also, today came up an idea of a Finnish colony of seasonal refugees settling down for winter in some small village or a huge house somewhere in the South. The proper instalments would be set up for remote work. A great idea - wish I had the money to organize this. Oh, well - the dream lives on... waiting for good opportunities maybe?

I did recently get a reminder, or a lesson if you will, of something important I should say. Unpleasant to some degree, but important none the less.

In the end you are alone. Every man IS an island.

This does not mean you should shut yourself from others or their influence. I still believe firmly that 1+1>2 (Ah, mathematics! Calculus! The exact thing I suck at! Haha, anyways...) But ultimately you are alone, in the end you must not depend yourself on others. It would be unreasonable to ask of that, and also just plain selfdestructive. No-one can ever totally understand you, no-one can ever totally get inside your head, you are the only one in your world, everyone lives alone on their island. You must rely on yourself with your happiness. Not make it someone else's responsibility, not expect too much of others. You are alone. Ultimately.

But only ultimately - you need only to remember this. In life, mostly... depending, trusting, loving others and being loved and trusting in that and that people do want to understand you, they will try to be as good as they can to you and to make you happy, they will want to make you and themselves feel as much not-alone as they possibly can good. You should do it ;)


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